Insurance Bonds

Interest earned on Lump Sum savings in bank accounts are subject annually to income tax. Investments held within single premium “life assurance” bonds roll up gross and on Guernsey, if held for 10 years or more, are tax-free to Guernsey residents for capital return or income thereafter. In the UK the tax treatment is different but the 5% tax deferred income draw is attractive, particularly to higher rate income tax payers. Increasingly, life assurance bonds as an investment and tax planning vehicle, are proving popular and versatile in protecting assets in a wide range of jurisdictions.

Investment Funds

Growth & Income

There are a wide variety of investment funds (also know as collective or mutual funds in dealing with SICAVs, OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts) available covering all classes of “assets”. Contact 2mi directly for assistance with a bespoke portfolio, review or advice in maximising capital growth and income.

Capital Secure products are available for clients looking for growth but with concerns about losing their initial investment.