It is essential to plan for your retirement and not to leave it to chance. 2mi can assist with all aspects of your pension planning and can advise on the various options and strategies that can be applied in order to achieve liveable pension benefits (income and tax free cash).

There are alternative investments that may be considered where individuals simply need to manage savings for income rather than utilising more structured, tax approved pension vehicles


It is important to review your pension arrangements on a regular basis to ensure they are on track to provide a worthwhile income in retirement. 2mi can oversee your existing personal and company pension arrangements (in combination with any state sponsored schemes) to ensure the overall “pension pot” provides a sufficient income in retirement.


It is important to take professional advice before consolidating various pension arrangements. Careful consideration should be taken before switching Final Salary Pensions (Defined Benefit) or pensions with Guaranteed Annuity rates, Guaranteed Funds or “reattribution” or “orphan fund” payouts. Moreover, those individuals who are moving or already residing overseas should seek our specialist advice in the area of international and QROPS pensions (see International / QROPS Pensions section).

International Pension Planning / QROPS

Whether working or retiring “overseas”, individuals with occupational (employer sponsored) or personal pensions (SIPPS and PPPs) may be eligible to benefit from more tax efficient pension structures offering higher levels of flexibility.

Ex-patriots, non-domiciles and foreign nationals moving out of the UK can take advantage of the HMRC changes to pension transfers.

There are now many international pension companies and trustees offering their own products in this area. It has become increasingly confusing and difficult to seek out the most appropriate and fairly priced international pension plans. The transfer issues can be daunting and the careful investment of the transferred monies is vital in order to ensure the monies are managed forward to provide the cash sums and income desired.

• 2mi specialise in locating the most appropriate QROPS product to suit client circumstances

• 2mi analyse, advise and assist with the transfer process of transferring certain UK pensions

• 2mi ensure that suitable investment programmes are agreed and implemented

• 2mi are a fully licensed financial advisory firm specialising in pensions and investments. We are dedicated to providing sound and impartial advice and personal service…. wherever you are in the world….

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS)

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has allowed individuals to transfer their UK pension funds to appropriate Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (QROPS) since 6th April 2006.

International Pension QROP Plans can benefit individuals with UK pension funds who currently reside or are planning to move outside the UK tax net.

• Efficient payment of income – usually through double taxation agreements

• Tax free Lump Sum – up to 30% pension commencement lump sum (PCLS) still applies

• No Annuity – There is no requirement to buy an annuity at age 75

• Income Drawdown – A regular income may be drawn from your fund

• Choice - Far wider investment and currency choice

• Flexibility –Your decision as to how and when funds released (capital/ income)

• Inheritance – The pension fund assets can pass to beneficiaries tax free

There are many QROPS providers and international pension “products”…… the question is…. which one is suitable for your specific needs? This is where 2mi can assist. We ensure that the transfer process is managed efficiently and arrange suitable investment strategies or link in your own preferred investment managers (with whom you may already have a relationship).